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Presque Isle Park

There are 323 acres of forest on this oval shaped island. Presque Isle is known throughout the United States for it's pristine beauty.

The "Island" as we locals call it is at the end of Lakeshore Boulevard and is accessible by automobile or bicycle. It offers year round recreation, observation of nature, and cultural experiences. It was originally used as a lighthouse reservation by the government. The park has over 100 species of native plants, pebble beaches, bogs, rock faced cliffs and forest. There are two picnic areas, cross country ski trails, playground, hiking trails, and a beautiful log pavilion designed for community events, gatherings and receptions.

There are free roaming white tailed deer and the band sometimes contains an albino deer or two. Fishing is available in several locations throughout the park. Lake trout, brook trout and whitefish are all popular catches in season.

The eastern side of the island has an awesome coastline, filled with coves and ancient rock outcroppings. It is best viewed from the outlook platform just north of the grave of Charlie Kawbawgam, the last chief of the local Chippewas.

There is a very unique outdoor swimming pool at the park also, with a 160 foot waterslide. Most of the manmade facilities are located right at the parks entrance so as to keep the rest of the island as rustic and serene as possible.

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